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Deconges Tea | Tulsi Ginger Tea Blend

Deconges Tea | Tulsi Ginger Tea Blend

Comforting during cold*

ingredients: Organic Holy Basil aka Tulsi, Organic Ginger, Organic Licorice Root

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Get warm and cozy with Tulsi Ginger Licorice tea

Beat the seasonal blues with our Deconges Tea. This herbal tea blend is a comforting embrace, perfect for days marked by spring allergies or winter chills. Its rich, earthy taste makes it the go-to remedy to keep you feeling warm!*

Naturally Comforting

Sip away the woes of spring or winter with our caffeine free, plant based and paleo-friendly herbal Deconges tea! It's a delightful blend of grounding tulsi, spicy ginger, and sweet licorice root designed to uplift and support during cold days.

Sustainable Sips

Choose between loose leaf tea, with each package containing 1.28 oz of herbs for 30 cups of specialty goodness, or opt for our tea bag packaging with 15 compostable sachets. We've struck a balance between convenience and sustainability, with the kraft paper bag being 100% recyclable after use, a small step toward nurturing Mother Earth.

Conscious Contribution

Every sip is a step towards a healthier you and a healthier planet. The recyclable kraft paper bag is our commitment to environmental responsibility.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
delicious and soothing

I love this tea--bought it for the first time last fall, and it has helped us greatly through some winter colds!

A really balanced, comforting taste

A friend of mine gave a sample of this one to me. In turn I shared a bit with my beloved aunt and we both appreciated its delicate flavour instantly uplifting your mood. I should say I was impressed by how balanced the tea tastes. The ginger is perfectly felt through without tasting too spicy. I should also add this was the first time I had a taste of tulsi basil, it’s quite unique and very pleasant. Great job guys!

Reshma Tiwari
Ginger Licorice Tea

The tea tastes really good with a strong ginger flavor. The owner created a custom tea bag order for me which was so appreciated. These tea bags helped me through a bad throat period and provided the soothing I needed. I highly recommend others to try it out.

Got me through COVID!

Deconges tea helped relieve my cough and cold symptoms during the worst of my COVID infection and recovery. This tea is delicious on its own or with a bit of honey. Great quality product. Highly recommended!

Sonia Malhotra
Really works!

With the recent weather changes, I have been getting those on and off colds and coughs and a bit of congestion. I started having this tea, usually at night, and I love the flavor and the warming effect. Nothing beats and holy-basil and ginger in a tea-cup!