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Yes, the name says it all… stress me not!

Wonderful lavender blend, tasty and help me wind down after a long day. Ordering was easy & fast! Thank you!

Love this

I love this blend it’s got the perfect amount of spice. I’ve added to milks and shakes as well. I’m a fan of the teas so I decided to try the turmeric blend and now I think it’s my favorite. But I still love the teas!!!

A Must Try!

These cookies have been my Guilt free Go To biscuits since they were launched and to imagine satisfying my Chocolate need at the same time, Fabulous. I can't imagine my Mornings without them, what a Discovery!

Stress me not

This product is truly amazing. Something I definitely need it after I work out in the evening and not able to sleep at night. Love it!

Good taste.

I like the flavor. I have to wait for my next blood test to determine if it has any effect on blood sugar.

What a treat!

These cookies are an upgraded version of the (already) amazing einkorn cookies! The right amount of sweet and a lovely fragrance, and an excellent way to start the day with my coffee! I’ve already got my second batch.

Delicious Tea Biscuits

These tea biscuits are delicious. They aren’t too sweet & have a touch of salt at the end of your bite. I love having one or two of these as a good snack after dinner, without worrying about too many calories. Thank you, AyurSome Foods for making such a great cookie! I highly recommend trying these!

Unique and sensational

This is a biscuits that can bring peace of mind with its exotic flavor of rose and cardamom. It’s not very sweet but can bring an equal satisfaction. The fragrance makes you calm down and enjoy the food. The package is very nice as well. Love it!

really calms you down

Loved the teas from Ayursome. I tried both Control Sugar delete and calm in a teacup. Very good taste, high quality ingredients. I usually am sensitive to the bitter taste of tannins in herbal teas and didn't taste any in either of the ayursome teas I tried. Will order again. Calm in a teacup was my favorite.

Best after dinner tea that gives more than just flavor

Loved the teas from Ayursome. I tried both Control Sugar delete and calm in a teacup. Very good taste, high quality ingredients. I usually am sensitive to the bitter taste of tannins in herbal teas and didn't taste any in either of the ayursome teas I tried. Will order again.

Wholesome and sweet

The buscuit made from the ancient recipe is rich with texture and sweetness. The biscuits are truly a product in a class by itself makes me feel like a royalty enjoying my tea in a mansion.

Golden Miracle

The vegan spice turmeric powder is rich with multiple ingredients mixed with my soy milk created a rich and creamy latte. I will never go back to other tea I used to enjoy.

Blissfully smooth & soul soothing!

I have tried Ayursome products before & am always impressed with the high quality of the ingredients. For me, it was love at first sip. It is very flavorful and yet delightfully smooth! It’s like being in a lavender field in France. I always feel very relaxed and calm after. I highly recommend this tea.

Quality ingredients, quality flavor

Each cup of this tea is an invitation to relax and reset. Perfect for winding down at the end of the day, or taking a quiet moment to destress in the middle of the afternoon. Highly recommend. I can’t wait to try more from Ayursome Foods.

Like drinking a lavender field...

This tea is one of the most comforting I've ever tasted .. it's truly less tea and more experience. The decadent comfort of these soothing flavors is transporting. I so love the way I feel when I drink it ... my stress truly melts away into a literal lavender field. This tea is like pressing the reset button. Let it warm you through winter...

Delicious and Healthy Cookies

Gourmet Cookies! With an increase consciousness of eating healthy, these cookies not only meets that mark, but are also very tasty. A must try!


The most delicious and filling biscuits I’ve had. Better than a double chocolate cookie:)

Mouthful of Deliciousness

A friend of mine introduced me to these cookies and I must say these are absolutely delicious! They are light and yet so flavorful and do not have the heaviness one usually has after eating a few store bought one.
The sweetness just hits the spot. Goes very well with black coffee or even Indian chai.

Yummiest and Healthiest cookies!

If you are looking for home baked cookies, with locally sourced real ingredients, perfect crunch, just the right size, not overtly sweet, with a beautiful hint of cardamom and salt; look no further. My husband and I are fans of Ayursome products and these cookies are our favorite! We ordered a BIG batch after our sample tasting. Love these! We look forward to our morning coffee with a side of cookie every morning now.

Healthy and delicious cookies!

Tried these cookies recently and instantly fell in love with these.
Super satisfying, amazingly delicious yet made with simple and clean ingredients. The best part about these is that there’s no added sugar. Each serving contains 1 gm of sugar derived from organic maple syrup. Everyone at home loved these!! Thanks!

Excellent clean biscuits!

I am a biscuit fan. Love these clean and great tasting biscuits. Dont plan to go back to those store bought biscuits. They have such a great taste, super clean and organic ingredients.
I love them with tea or just munching on the go. Our 5 year old also love them to put a stamp of great taste and quality!

Deserves 10 stars!!

These cookies are absolutely delightful and I’d given them 10 stars if I could! Spot on flavor, crispy outside and soft inside.

My toddler loves it!

My 2-year old is a very picky eater and she loves this biscuit! With a special aroma from grains and cardamom, this is totally different from those sugar loaded or less tasteful “healthy” supermarket biscuits. All my family in every age enjoyed eating it!

In love with these- my favorite tea biscuits!

I eat cookies every single day and when I say every single day I mean it! So, you can only imagine how many cookies I must have tried that are out there.. I have always been looking for a tasty gunk free cookie that I can enjoy with my tea guilt free.. And, this is exactly it! Perfectly sweet, super yum and without any of those “added” ingredients. Simple basic high quality ingredients that are not harming my body but are actually good for it. We run out of these packs in a week because even my kids are in love with these and for once I don’t have to stop them from eating more cookies because I know exactly what’s in them!

A Taste of Everything Delicious

A perfect gift for tea enthusiasts or for introducing someone to delicious teas. The ccf tea is a life saver for digestion. The calm in a tea cup and stress me not teas are absolutely wonderful for winding down in the evenings after a long day. Love this set!