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The Einkorn Goodies | Ancient Grain Tea Biscuits

The Einkorn Goodies | Ancient Grain Tea Biscuits

Einkorn Wheat, Plant based, No Refined Sugar, Whole Grain

ingredients: Einkorn Whole Wheat, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Maple Syrup, Baking Powder, Organic Cardamom, Organic Vanilla Extract, Pink Himalayan Salt

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Timelessness of Einkorn, the most ancient wheat

These tea biscuits are an ode to the mother of all wheat, Einkorn.

Plant based and lightly sweetened with organic maple syrup, our tea biscuits preserve the natural earthy and nutty flavor of Einkorn wheat, with pure contentment in every bite!

Whole Grains

Our Einkorn wheat, grown in Watsontown, Pennsylvania, and stone-milled by into whole wheat flour by Rivervalley Community Grains in Marksboro, New Jersey. This ancient wheat variety boasts a weak gluten structure, ensuring a gut friendly treat!

No Refined Sugar

These Einkorn tea biscuits are sweetened with organic maple syrup. There's no place for refined sugar in our Ayurveda inspired recipes!

Versatile Indulgence

Savor these Einkorn cookies like tea biscuits with your favorite cup of tea, coffee, golden milk/mylk, or relish them as a snack or dessert. Elevate your charcuterie board with a touch of wholesome goodness.

Travel friendly Reusable Tins 

Packed in reusable, recyclable, travel friendly tins, each pack holds 12 tea biscuits, giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy the earthy, nutty flavor of Einkorn wheat. Carry the cookie tins in your bag to office or on your travels.

Once you have devoured all the tea biscuits, reuse the tins for storing spices, teas, knick-knacks, pens, keys, etc. Once done reusing, recycle the tins!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Lori F
Delicious Tea Biscuits

These tea biscuits are delicious. They aren’t too sweet & have a touch of salt at the end of your bite. I love having one or two of these as a good snack after dinner, without worrying about too many calories. Thank you, AyurSome Foods for making such a great cookie! I highly recommend trying these!

Joan Yoon
Wholesome and sweet

The buscuit made from the ancient recipe is rich with texture and sweetness. The biscuits are truly a product in a class by itself makes me feel like a royalty enjoying my tea in a mansion.

Delicious and Healthy Cookies

Gourmet Cookies! With an increase consciousness of eating healthy, these cookies not only meets that mark, but are also very tasty. A must try!


The most delicious and filling biscuits I’ve had. Better than a double chocolate cookie:)

Mouthful of Deliciousness

A friend of mine introduced me to these cookies and I must say these are absolutely delicious! They are light and yet so flavorful and do not have the heaviness one usually has after eating a few store bought one.
The sweetness just hits the spot. Goes very well with black coffee or even Indian chai.